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Fire Protection in Data Centers and Libraries

In today’s digital world, data centers serve as a repository to store and protect our most sensitive information. Today, these systems are not only susceptible to fire and smoke damage, but also to water damage sprayed by sprinklers. Secure these critical assets and business continuity by discovering Elva’s fire detection and extinguishing solutions for data centers and libraries.

Solutions for Data Centers and Libraries

There is a high risk of fire in places where valuable information and artefacts such as data centres, libraries, archives and historical buildings are stored. If burned, documents, work of arts or data that cannot be replaced should be protected by reliable and robust systems against fire risk. In general, a reliable fire detection system that provides fast and accurate detection of fire conditions in such structures; at the same time, an automatic fire suppression system should be provided which will not damage the protected substances if it works. Please contact with us for more information about our Fire Detection and Fire Extinguishing Systems.

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